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How can you contribute?

I am an Independent developer trying to provide useful freeware to the general public. So, any form of contribution from you, can go a long way in making this possible. Listed below are some of the ways you can show your support and appreciation for my work.

Spread The Word!

If you really like my work and wish to thank me, then spread the word by sharing AKMA Solutions on your social networks.

You can also like/share individual web pages using the share widget on that page.


Your small monetary donations can help in keeping this site up and running. It allows me to tackle the costs of web-hosting and domain-name maintenance for AKMA Solutions. It also encourages me to devote more time to develop and distribute better and useful software, free of cost. So, if you like to help, then buy me a coffee!

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Can You Code?

Good software can use good developers. If you know how to code and wish to make a difference in people's lives worldwide, then help to solve some of the issues in my software or send me new software ideas or even create your own software and let me share it via AKMA Solutions. To check out my code repository, head to Github.

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Can You Translate?

If you are fluent with software-oriented English text, you can help me translate my applications and their respective user-guide documents to your preferred language(s). Contact me if you are interested. In the meantime, checkout my software products to get an idea on what you can translate.

My Software Products

Any Other Ideas?

If you believe you can contribute in some other way that I haven't mentioned above, please feel free to contact me, any kind of help is appreciated!!

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